Interesting, and it seems connected to Simon Index....

One question, quite surprising in todays Thanos ambiance, is if we will have problem when the demographic transition will cover the world and population will peak at 9-10Bn ?

In the situation will there be a way for the society to grow in complexity ?

Better network of knowledge (???), of exchange (connecting a French bake with an Indonesian furniture carver) ?

Is globalization extending ideas exchange ?

AI with whom to exchange ideas, challenges ?

Longer life (is life extension already extending ideas creation?)?

Are there hypotheisi ? some partial results ?

Is there a limit ?

My experience in life in domain I am interested in, is that life extension make older people younger in their mind, but more old people mean less ideas changes (one funeral at a time)... however today, strangely I see that only retired people are free to think really differently(young with a long life expectation, mean you have to be careful and prudent with your career)... Not clear.

Sorry for the many questions...

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