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What’s New Under the Sun is the newsletter for the website New Things Under the Sun, a living literature review on social science research on innovation. The newsletter will keep you up-to-date on new articles and updates to existing articles that appear on the website.

Until August 30, 2021, this newsletter was titled “New Things Under the Sun” and consisted of the kind of thing that now appears on the site. Most of the back catalog has since been adapted for the website, where it is updated as the literature evolves, so I recommend exploring the site rather than the substack back catalog.

Who are you?

Matt Clancy! I’m the senior innovation economist at the Institute for Progress, where I work on this project full time. I did a dissertation on the economics of innovation, worked on science policy as a research economist at the USDA for a few years, and taught at Iowa State University, in the Department of Economics. Learn more about me here.

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Research fellow at Open Philanthropy, senior fellow at the Institute for Progress. Creator of New Things Under the Sun.